Leadership Group


This program and course will be primarily based on Chanakya’s saptanga model (7 pillars of leadership) based on the leadership film ‘Chanakya speaks’ (visit www.chanakyaspeaks.in)

It is designed for group of already existing leaders/managers who are team leaders, project managers, strategic business unit heads, departmental heads, potential leaders etc need to be identified within the company. The batch size is minimum 25 and maximum 50 participants

The training program includes insights from Chanakya’s wisdom plus modern management gurus and Indian industry leaders like Narayan Murthy (Infosys), Dr Santrupt Misra (Aditya Birla group), Vinita Bali (Britannia), Subroto Bagchhi (Mind Tree), Ramdeo Agarwal (Motilal Oswal), D Sivanandhan, IPS (Maharastra Police) etc

It will help them to also develop business plans (workbook provided) based on this Chanakya’s saptanga model.

The Program is designed for a total of 12 Session, details of each of the sessions is given on the following pages:

Session 1 – (3 hours)

About Chanakya & Kautilya Arthashastra

Session 2 – (3 hours)

‘Chanakya speaks’ -The leadership movie screening & discussion.

Session 3 – (3 hours)

1st Pillar Swami – Leadership.

Session 4 – (3 hours)

2nd Pillar Amatya – Management

Session 5 – (3 hours)

3rd Pillar Janpad – Marketing

Session 6– (3 hours)

4th Pillar Durga – Infrastructure

Session 7 – (3 hours)

5th Pillar Kosha – Finance

Session 8 – (3 hours)

6th Pillar Danda – Army

Session 9 – (3 hours)

7th Pillar Mitra – Ally

Session 10 – (3 hours)

8th Pillar

Session 11 – (One Full day)

Group discussion, creating business plan and Presentation

Session 12 – (3 hours)