Our Program:-

To write a book is a good dream and desire to have. We all harbour
different dreams: becoming a billionare, winning a olympic gold medal, or
standing first in class during exam. All these are temporary dreams. But
writing a book is something that stays permanent. Infact, for those who
have achieved all their dreams, the final dream permanent, forever would
be to write a book.

Would you not like to read a book of a person who became billionaire and
shows you the way?

Successful people’s are followed by publishers to get their experiences in print. Be it the ex-president of India (Dr. Abdul Kalam) or the ex-president
of America (Barack Obama) etc

So in this program, you will get a complete guide on how you can write a
book and make it a bestseller.


How to write a book:-

The Idea and the dreams

The writing plan and
starting to write

Common mistakes and why
authors fail

Writer’s block and
overcoming it

Final manuscript and the

Make it a bestseller:-

Reworking on manuscript

Financial involved &
Publisher’s contract

Marketing, sales, book
launches, social media

Turning your bestselling
author dream into reality

Your next book

Who should attend?

Authors & Aspiring to become Authors

Script Writers

Content Writer



Want to be Writer?

Benefits of attending:-

If you are an author than in this program you will get to learn a
different method, a very different dimension on how you can
write a book in a very unique way.

If you are passionate to become an author but struggling in
process than this program will guide you to make your journey
easier with strategic ideas.

If you are already a writer and author but your book was not in
the bestseller list so by attending this program you will get to
know what are common mistakes every authors do and also
what is missing in your journey.

If you are an expert of your field and want to guide the world so
this program will help you out with a road map through which
you can share your wisdom to whole world

Now Tell Your Story To World By Learning The Process From Best Selling Storyteller


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