Chanakya & “The Art of Parenting” (Batch 2)


One out of every five children faces mental health problems
due to poor parenting habits. There are instances of bad
parenting that can have lasting consequences on children.
Your child’s attitude, goals, perspective, and viewpoint
depend on what he/she learns from you. What your kids
experience or learn at their young age will have an imprint
on them. And this learning is directly fueled from ‘you’ the
parent and the environment at home. Most parents use
their own upbringing as a blueprint for parenting, which is
not recommended due to evolution of society and social
environment..One of the hardest tasks to achieve is to have
a good and consistent parenting style. Children born with a
silver spoon in their mouth would hardly understand the
effort, pains, and hard work their parents put in to become
rich. How are such people supposed to train their children?

Kautilya advises,

For, like the piece af wood eaten by worms, the royal
family, with its princes undisciplined, world break the
moment it is atacked.
” (1.17.23)

Disciplining one’s children is must for every parent. A certain
level of control and direction has to be given to them. If not,
they will become like a piece of wood, eaten by worms and
white ants, that looks strong from the outside is very hollow
within. The moment some minimum pressure is applied, it
breaks. Chanakya had introduced some sutras specially for
the ancient king’s kids. This sutras give the wisdom on how
to train childrens and make them future leader.

Why & How
Chanakya will help?

Born in 4th Century in India, Chanakya was also known as
Vishnugupta and Chanakya as a rare mastermind who
became an expert in varied and specialised fields like
management, economics, politics, law, leadership,
governance, warfare, military tactics. The 6000 sutras have
been classified into 15 books, 150 chapters, and 180 topics
by Chanakya which is specially written for the leaders.

He was responsible for bringing down the Nanda dynasty
and establishing his able student Chandragupt Maurya on
the throne as the Emperor. Hence, he is called a “Kingmaker”
. He is also credited with masterminding the
defeat of Alexander in India who was on his march to
conquer the world.

He was teaching Arthashatra in Taxila gurukul. He had
trained Chandragupt Maurya when he was very young and
made the king of whole India. Chanakya have introduced
powerful sutras in Kautilya’s Arthashastra which can help
parents to train their children effectively for future .

Content :-

Do’s & Don’ts of Parenting

3 Phases of Parenting

Practicing Positive Parenting

How Criticism Can Deteriorate Your
Child’s Future

Parenting lessons from Chanakya

Benefits of attending
program :-

Stronger bonding between parent
and children

Better and effective

Reduces negative behaviour

Will help to build leadership
quality from young age

Will help to build good habits

Will help your kids to be
mentally strong


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