ART OF WAR” – How To Handle Competition The Chanakya Way (Batch 2)

About Program:-

Each and everyone of us wants to become successful. We aim to win in
businesses, careers, and ultimately in life. However, most of us fail to reach our full potential because of various speed breakers.

Chanakya and the Art of War draws upon lessons from the Arthashastra, the great teacher, philosopher and strategist which can help you to overcome those speed breakers to become innovative and influential and realize your true potential.

He wrote down everything he had studied about war and techniques to tackle competition in the Kautilya’s Arthashastra, which contains 6000 sutras (formula) on how to win over the competition. This sutras are applicable in every situation. Whether you are business owner struggling with competitors in order to take one customer, a corporate executive facing issues to get a dream job etc.

In this program, Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai will teach you Chanakya’s winning
strategies by putting into practice the ‘Art of War’


Thinking strategically

Fourfold strategy


Vijigishu (World conqueror)

Strategy vs Tactics

Right opportuinity, Right
place, Right time

Win Win policy

The key to success

Game Theory

Winning over friends and foes

Respect your enemies

Partnerships among eqaul

Aspect of battlefield

Who should attend:-

Business founders, leaders & owners


Top level management (CEO, Directors, Managing directors etc)

Mid level management aspiring to grow

Working proffestionals


Benefits of attending:-

It will help you to come out from the competition you are stuck
from years.

It will give you a unique dimension to tackle with your

You will be able to predict the next move of your competitor
and tackle it successfully.

It will help you to take action and workout your plan efficiently

This will help you to make powerful strategies & tactics.

It will help you to make execution plans and backup plans.

War or any competition, is often just a mind game. One who understand the mind of opponent wins the game.

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