“AANVIKSHIKI” – Chanakya’s Way Of Thinking (Batch 7)

About Program:-

The first and opening chapter of Chanakya’s Arthashastra talks
about AANVIKSHIKI and its importance.

The prathama prakarna (first section), named ‘Vidyasamuddesha’
(enumeration of the sciences), starts with the chapter
‘AANVIKSHIKI Sthapana’ (establishing the necessity of thinking).

Chanakya wants his students to study AANVIKSHIKI as their first
subject. Imagine teaching thinking as the first subject in our
education system. What an amazing way to begin.

If at all we could teach our children in schools to think, inquire,
ask, question, apply logic and then establish and have their own
individual conclusions, what a brilliant generation would come out
of our schools, colleges and universities.

What we follow instead is herd mentality. Just do what others are
doing. Go to school—study, get a degree, secure a job and
education is over. This kind of system rarely helps to get the best
out of an individual. From a data driven education system, we
need to move into a process of investigation and inquiry.

Let us learn to think and wonder, to imagine, to construct, to
create, to dream, to visualise and to build own own future in a
unique manner.

This is what Chanakya did in his education system. He wanted his
students to be leaders. And the first quality of leadership is to
think correctly and clearly. From such clarity comes good decisionmaking capacity. And sound decisions have an impact on

What you will get to learn :-

Aanvikshiki is a philosophy, which includes three other
philosophies –




The whole “Aanvikshiki”- The Art of Strategic Thinking
program is all based on this three philosophies. This is a
thinking model used in our ancient Indian tradition to train
the students in gurukul. This formula we can use in
proffesional life & personal life also. This will help to
develop leadership qualities.


It is one of the oldest philosophies attributed to the
great Kapil Muni. It is mentioned in the second
chapter of the Bhagavadgita. It also comes from
the word samkhya, meaning numbers.The first one
is Sankhya, which can also be called as numerical

Chanakya here, address has to consider each and
every parameters in numbers. For example, if you
take a business plan, take its time, its investment,
its loss/profit anything in an excess number, we
should be aware about the numbers and think,
according to that.

This will teach you, how you can analyse any
situation by using numbers. This will boost your
analytical behaviour of your mind and will help you
to take right decisions.


There is no need to explain what is yoga and its
benefits. This now a very popular method to add
size to keep oneself physically fit. However, yoga is
not just at the physical level but also at the level of
the mind, the intellectual and spiritual level.

The practice of yoga is an art & science dedicated
on creating a union between body, mind & spirit.
Sage Patanjali wrote the yoga sutras and designed
the ashtanga style. Yoga comes from the root word
yuj which means ‘to join or connect.

Well, some of you might be thinking, how exactly
yoga helps us to think better. Well the yoga mainly
helps our mind, to attain a spiritual level. The
spiritual level means which it mainly helps
magnifying the good and the evil. It helps us to
identify the good path for our life.


This is another school of thought, this is often
referred to as materialistic philosophy. However, in
our culture, even the materials thought are

When we think about a business, we should think
about its gain, losses, time, and each and every
parameter on materialistic basis, that is on goods,
or materials, or wealth.

Hence, lokayata can be simply be explained as
thinking, each and every parameter is on the basis
of some materials or goods or wealth.

Benifits of attending the program:-

It will enhance your Analytical skills

It will make you Strategic Thinker

It will make you Logical Thinker

It will help you take decisions with clear
mind and right strategy

You will be very clear in what to do and
what not to do.

It will make you good Orator, Communicator
& Speaker

It will help you to see problem from all
directions to find the solution

It will help you to develop Leadership
qualities in you

Program details :-

Day 1: Introduction to Chanakya,
Arthashastra & Aanvikshiki

Day 2: Explanation of Complete
Strategies of Aanvikshiki – Sankhya, Yoga
& Lokayata

Day 3 : Sankhya, Yoga & Lokayata & Q n
A session


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